Computational Media


The project focuses on how the structural and organizational systems for a tall tower can be generated and varied by an exploration of circulation and occupation types. These systems should promote and express the dynamism and complexity inherent in the large populations which would circulate, inhabit and interact within a tall tower. A primary aim of the project is to subvert the typical condition within the modernist tower, in which one’s experience in a strongly vertical structure is typically restricted to a thin homogeneous horizontal band, which takes minimal advantage of the pregnant possibilities for complex vertical spatial conditions, human and environmental interactions, and specific structural responses across multiple levels and portions of a tower. Following this, the action was to implement a system which would allow the complex division of spatial volumes, to promote movement and allow a flux of spatial conditions which would provide opportunity for the instigation and hybridization of various programmatic uses.

Project Details


Status | Completed November 2008

Context | Computational Media Studio, UTS M.Arch

Instructors | Anthony Burke, Ben Hewett

Media | Digital Prints, 3d Print Models

Software | Generative Components, Maya, Rhino, Adobe Photoshop

Team | Alina McConnochie, Amanda Clarke