Interior Urbanism / Portman Space

An exhibition by Charles Rice and Alina McConnochie


‘Beginning with the Hyatt Regency Atlanta of 1967, architect and developer John Portman reinvented the atrium hotel as a panacea for the failing downtowns of American cities. These hotels stand as the centerpieces in extensive networks of enclaved mixed-use developments that inaugurated urbanism as a globally proliferating strategy in city center development.


The exhibition presents three of Portman’s interior urban projects: The Peachtree Center, Atlanta, the Los Angeles Bonaventure Hotel, and Detroit’s Renaissance Center. Through photographic and drawn documentation, the exhibition conveys the spectacular and banal aspects of these vast interiors, as well as the formal and geometrical order which underpins their existence as worlds unto themselves.’  – Charles Rice

Read the review by Lee Stickells for Architecture AU

Photograph by Paul Pavlou

Los Angeles Bonaventure Circulation, drawing by Alina McConnochie

Los Angeles Bonaventure Circulation, Photograph by Charles Rice

Los Angeles Bonaventure Circulation, drawing by Alina McConnochie

Peachtree Centre Atlanta, photographs by Charles Rice

Hyatt Atlanta Envelope, drawing by Alina McConnochie

Renaissance Centre Detroit, photograph by Charles Rice

Renaissance Centre Detroit Circulation, drawing by Alina McConnochie

Photograph by Charles Rice

Project Details


Team | Charles Rice, Alina McConnochie

Status | Completed 2012

Context | Exhibition at the DAB LAB Research Gallery

Media | Digital Prints, Digital Fabrication Model [3d printed]

Software | Rhino, Adobe